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"Backwater" in the South of Syria, or A thing between ISIS and "FSA" in Deraa province

"Backwater" in the South of Syria, or A thing between ISIS and "FSA" in Deraa province

In the West of Deraa province it has been relatively calm along the contact line between "Free Syrian army" and ISIS* recently.

"Jayish Khaleed Ibn Al-Waleed" terror group which swore allegiance to ISIS from its backwater in Yarmouk river basin situated on the Syrian territory between Jordanian and Israeli borders went into offensive in the areas controlled by "Free Syrian army" (i.e. Islamist groups coalition in the South of Syria) last spring.

ISIS militants have gained sgnificant succes over two weeks, they captured around twenty villages, number of strategic road crossings and heights. Further advance of the thugs was stopped only by a series of Russian Air Forces’ strikes. “Khalifate” militants had to stop offensive after severe losses, Syrian opposition managed to relatively stabilize the frontline.

However ISIS lifted its head again by autumn by switching to tactics of "gradual pushing out" the opposing groups from their positions. As a result "Jayish Khaleed Ibn Al-Waleed" group created direct threat to FSA’s control over border crossig point at Jordanian border. It meant that opposiotional groups could loose their profit source. That mobilized them and relatively moderate islamists could regain their positins and power near Jileen, Adawan and Heyt villages.

Then ISIS started to implement another tactics – liquidating enemy’s leaders by subversive action.

Not less than 40 militants from oppositional groups including 22 field commanders were killed in car blasts in Deraa province only in October and the first alf of November. The most significant victims were Umar Faruq Mafaalyani from Nasib who was blasted on the 9th of October on the road between Sayda and At-Tayba, Keraqi born Mazen Subhi Al-Joufi from "Jayish Al-Islam" who was killed on the 26th of October on the highway between Al-Jeeza and At-Tayba, then Ihsan Housan from "Firkat Shabbab As-Sunna" who was blasted on the same day near Sayda.

November 15 ISIS raiders liquidated another big commander of the oppositional groups operating in the South of Syria: he was killed underwayto his home village Samad with three militants travelling with him – Khaleed Uadzhih As-Samadi. He led “Ahfad Ali” group which distinguished itself fighting ISIS.

It is worth mentioning that "FSA" militants sometimes return debts – ISIS commander Asad Insan was shot on the road near Tasil November 19.

However "Free Syrian army" groups have less opportunites to deliver subversive acts than their "opponents" from ISIS-affiliated "Jayish Khaleed Ibn Waleed". This raises certain questions: why do ISIS "commandos" feel so free in the rare of "FSA". These questions are not only about training difference and motivation.

Mere presence of well-armed and numerous ISIS group in an isolated area squeezed between the two American Middle Eastern allies – Israel and Jordan hints that "ISIS factor" is being used there (just like in many other cases) to supress Syrian opposition’s armed groups.

Those guys have switched to controlling road traffic and foreign sponsors’ donations controlling only suburbs of the nearby vilages. All Pentagon’s attempts preceding Russian Air Force’s strikes to lead "Souther Front" of "Free Syrian army" to offensive on Damascus were futile. Relatively coordinated actions of those groups may be seen only on the contact lne with governmenal forces and ISIS. Western curators can hold degrading “Southern front” only by constant threat of the offensive, if not from SAA’s side then from the side of “Khaliphate” terrorists.

Once some "FSA" commander display his independence or resort to negotiations with the legit government then ISIS commandos are on the way, sliding into the territory controlled by opositiona; groups.

Still ISIS commanders have to pay with their lives for wilfulness. Once former "FSA" foghters defected to ISIS-affiliated "Jayish Khaleed Ibn Waleed" and start negotiate to make a treaty with their former "cmrades in arms" then coalition’s airstrikeliqudated 22 libertines in Shadzhar village. There has been no attempts to initiate "peace treaty" since then and up to now.

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