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Hunting US militants: Army repells attacks on Syrian Christian town (PHOTO)

Hunting US militants: Army repells attacks on Syrian Christian town (PHOTO)

Christian town of Mahardah in Hama province is being regularly attacked by pro-American «Jayish al-Izza» terrorists (Arab — «Army of Fame»). The Syrian governmental forces hunt the attckers.

«Russian Spring» reports from Hama province.

Last week another attack was aimed at town electric power plant which resulted in damage of fuel-supply line feeding turbines.

As a result several tones of heating oil spilled over into the soil, two of the four turbines were stopped, repair crews have to work under shelling with constant threat of a new attack.

Paradox of the whole situation is that Mahardah power plants feeds the town, neighbouring half-destriyed Halfaya (the militants were forced out of there) and all the satellite illages around including those controlled by «Jayish al-Izza».

Government of Syrian Arab republic did not cut them off the electricity supply because most of the residents were civilians which are held forcefully by the terrorists.

Put down a switch means hunger, cold and lack of communications with the outer world for hundreds of innocent people while the miltants keep onusing generators working on fuel. So iy turns out that the power plant is not a rason for them and they attack it by all possible means uderstading that there will be no fatal consequences for them.

«Jayish al-Izza» illegal armed group is one of the pro-American armed gangs, it disposes of anti-tank TOW missiles sent by US special serices.

Hunting US militants

Mahardah national defence committee it its turn puts a lot of efforts in detecting terroriss’ sorties and attack them before they attack civilians.

It is done by establishing watch points which try to control roads, fields and residential developments where the terrorist sit. As a rule their attacks look like pick-ups convoy entering the scene, after short depolyment and set-up they salvo and immediately leave. Their pick-ups are equipped with rocket-launchers mounted onto the vehicles: «GRAD» as a rule, sometimes self-propelled artillery platform «Gvozdika».

Whicj means that self-defence forces have time only when terrorists are preparing to fire. This makes detecting them before they left their base so important – to have some spare time. The least which they can do (this is the worst scenario) — turn town alert system.

Alarm sirens are howling almost all the time шт the town and suburbs (for example on power plant territorry). It actually saves many lives — most people get hurt or killed by shell fragments so it is important for the people to hide in shelters.

Villages and small towns neighbouring with the terrorists-controlled territories are being shelled very often, sometimes several times a week. Militants do not ыspare neither humanitaian objects nor infrastructure. People inevitably get killed and wounded duricng such attacks.

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