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Threat of new war: Israel vs Syria, Iran and Lebanon

Threat of new war: Israel vs Syria, Iran and Lebanon

Israel's air defense shot down the Syrian Mohajer-4 drone over the Syrian province of Quneitra.

According to preliminary information, the SAA officers used the UAV for conducting reconnaissance of the positions of the militants, who were preparing to attack the Druze tribes…

Today it can be said with certainty that the long-term civil war in Syria is coming to an end: there are practically no settlements occupied by ISIS in the Arab Republic, infrastructure of the cities is being restored, and refugees are returning home.

However, some states oppose these undoubtedly good processes. One such country is the newly formed quasi-state of Israel.

Tel Aviv bases its foreign policy exclusively on aggression against neighboring states. Thus, the aircraft of the Israeli army (IDF) not only with an enviable periodicity crosses the airspace of Syria and Lebanon, but also does not hesitate to conduct airstrikes on the territory of the Arab Republic.
It is characteristic that the version of the ISIS or Jabhat al-Nusra attack is almost never considered in the scenarios of the exercises of the Israeli defense ministry. The IDF prepares for offensive actions against the Syrian people!

It is also worth noting that weapons and communications equipment of Israeli production were found on a number of terrorist groups operating in Syria.

Yesterday, photos of Jewish-made shells found in the ISIS storages, even in Abu Kmal, were published…

Today it became known about another provocation. The Israeli surface-to-air missile system Patriot produced in the USA shot down the Iranian unmanned aerial vehicle of the SAA over the province of Quneitra.

The SAA officers used the UAV for conducting reconnaissance of the positions of the militants, who were preparing to attack the Druze tribes…

The Israeli aggression extends to other countries of the Arab world. In particular, Iran and Lebanon are constantly under the political and economic pressure of the Jewish state. And most recently, most experts predict military conflict between Tel Aviv and Beirut, the root cause of which is the scandalous resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri, who, according to Iranian journalists, is forcibly kept in Saudi Arabia at the request of the Israelis.

Well, in the current situation, the Arab world is forced to respond to aggressive actions. A few hours ago, a message was published that at the initiative of Damascus, the Iranian military build an air base near the Syrian capital. There were photos on the Internet which were instantly replicated by Western journalists from Reuters and BBC.

It is worth mentioning that the Iranian army is the most combat-ready in the Middle East. They are armed with the most advanced air defense systems, ballistic missiles and aviation.

It is also worth noting that the Iranian authorities have repeatedly stated that the aggression against Lebanon and its allied Hezbollah movement is inadmissible.

On the side of Beirut, undoubtedly, the official Damascus will also make a speech, which is more than likely to provide Tehran with ample opportunity to conduct military operations, but also send troops to the protection of the fraternal Lebanese people.

Well, a large-scale conflict with the most dramatic consequences can still be avoided, but for this, the ruling elite in Tel Aviv must radically revise its entire foreign policy.

Riyad Farid Hija

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